PT. PSP is an expert company providing best solution for gas equipment and service which set up based on standard, market demand, customer satisfaction & safety refer to International standards. We offer total solution to support gas business companies as well as in CNG & Industrial Gas.

PT. PSP is specialized in CNG Industry that provide a wide range of CNG & LNG product focus in Engineering, fabrication, supplying, installation and maintenance for gas business sector with innovate solution, value add improvement, reliable product and long term support. PT PSP is expert which has large experience in gas industries more than 10 years.

PT. PSP offers design engineering. Consulting service, preventive maintenance and trouble shooting for CNG station, gas transport module and industrial gas equipment. PT PSP joint owned workshop for gas equipment fabrication & maintenances service which complied to ISO, ASME, API and MIGAS standard

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Being a General Trading company and Maintenance Service Gas Equiptment leading integrated and benefit the oil and gas industry.


Always give satisfaction to customers.

To provide optimum value and sustainable to Stakeholders.

Develop employees to reach their potential.

Conducting business with integrity and give priority to quality, Health, safety and environmental protection.